The Nigerian Society Of engineers Aba Branch Industrial Visit To Afam Power Station OYIGBO, Rivers State.

Industrial Visit To Afam Power Station Oyigbo, Rivers State.
The date was 8TH AUGUST, 2007.Members of The Nigerian Society Of Engineers ABA Branch who were in the Team included: 
1.Engr.Chief E.C.Iroakazi,FNSE,MIEE,KSJ(Chairman, NSE, Aba Branch)
2.Engr. C.O.Anameje,MNSE,KSM.( Immediate Past Chairman(IPC))
3. Engr.A.N.Agbai,FNSE (The Chief Examiner)
4. Engr.O.U.Olughu (Publicity/Socials Secretary)
5. Nelson O.Ogbogu,MNSE
6.Engr. Uche Ogbuefi

(N) Iroanya Chinedu ( Member).
PURPOSE OF VISIT was to see the existing power generation infrastructure in Afam Power Station.

Members of the Nigerian Society Of Engineers, Aba Branch left the Secretariat at Aba Owerri Road, Aba at about 10:20am and arrived at the power station by 11:15am. The journey made by road was a successful one without any accident recorded.
The group meet the Managing Director of the power station after a brief handover at the security post. There was a general introduction after which the Managing Director handed us over to Mr. Olajide Onwuachu, a staff of the power station.
The Managing director told the group that he cannot be available to take us round the plant because he is supposed to have an urgent meeting as of that moment. As such we were taken round the plant for site seeing with two of the operations Engineers at the station.Mr.Onwuachu Olajide and his team members took the NSE Aba Branch members through,during the walk round in the power plant, the group was told that the power station was designed with an initial capacity of 700mw but presently they are not operating at full capacity.
The group were told that the power generation station were built in phases Afam 1, Afam 2, Afam 3, Afam 4 and Afam 5 and they all together has up to 20 gas turbines. Some of this gas turbines for example Afam 1 has become obsolete because of Non availability of spare parts.
Afam 1, installed in 1962 has three gas turbines GT1, GT2, and GT3 . Afam 4, installed in 1984 has six gas turbines of 6 x 6.75 mega-watt capacity. Afam 5, installed in 2001/2002 with a capacity of 138 x 2 mega-watts was found functioning at the time of our visit. It uses associated gas got from shell wells, purified and supplied at a lost and it uses the latest technology (Computerized).
The visit ended with an interactive section in which question and answers were entertained with refreshments. During this section a lot of questions were asked. The questions includes but not limited to :
Q1. Why can Nigeria not pose of a regular 3 hrs power supply while Niger that got there’s from Nigeria has 24 hrs regular supply.
Ans. It was a pact that was signed between Nigeria and Niger to prevent Niger from tampering with the flow of River Niger which is very important to Nigeria.
Q2. What can you tell us about the new policy power generation, transmission and distribution system.
Ans. It will not work because the price at which government wants us to sell power is far below the cost of its production. It is better that Government allows generators to fix their price based on cost of production than to determine price before production.
Q3. What is the problem that you people are encountering in your operations.
Ans. Underfunding. Our allocation is far below what is needed to run the plant.
The visit ended at about 4pm with vote of thanks said by the Chairman Nigerian society of engineers,Aba Branch, Engr.E.C.Iroakazi,FNSE.

Reported By:Iroanya Chinedu,Prospective Member Of NSE Aba Branch(8/08/2007)